Microarray Substrates Glycomics & Proteomics

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Planar and 3D Microarray Slides

Glycan Printing and Array Services

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Including Native Glycans

Custom Glass Arrays, Chips, and Devices

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Slides, Buffers and Blockers


Welcome to Life BioScience Inc.

LIfe BioScience Inc. (LBSI) develops technologies for researchers working in genomics,  proteomics and glycomics. Our focus is developing high-value microarray technologies and related services. Our specialty is creating both optimized substrates for microarrays and also customized surface chemistries for protein, glycan, small molecule and reverse phase applications.

Glycan Array Services

LBSI offers full glycan array services for customers who need support with glycomics assays. We offer printing of your in-house glycans, printing of glycans from our library, and full assay and data analysis services, if requested. We are experienced working with native and amine-modified glycans.  Depending on your application, we will use our optimized surface chemistries of NHS or Hydrazide on either our 3D surface or our planar slides.  Contact us today for help with your project!

3D and Planar Slides

LBSI provides both 3-dimensional and planar surface microarray slides that offer optimized assay results for specific applications in proteomics and glycomics. Our planar slides feature ultra low autofluorescence and are coated with our proprietary functionalized surface chemistries that provide optimized cost effective performance.  Our 3D surface slides feature either micropillars or microwells that provide several benefits in microarray assays, such as: increased signal to noise ratio, improved spot morphology, increased sensitivity and improved dynamic range.  Available coatings include Aminosilane, Epoxysilane, N-Hydroxysuccinimide (NHS), and Hydrazide.